Музыкальный альбом OST - Far Cry 5 [FLAC] [2018]

OST - Far Cry 5 FLAC 2018

Дата релиза | Date of release: 2018

Жанр| Musical genre: Soundtracks - OST / Музыкальные альбомы

Солист | Soloist: Dan Romer

Теги | Tags: mp3 2018

Количество треков | Songs: 31

Продолжительность | Duration: 01:24:41

Размер файла | File size: 465 MB

Формат | Format: FLAC

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Список композиций (треков) | List of tracks

01. Now That This Old World Is Ending
02. Our Country Made A Promise
03. You Cannot Trust A Liar
04. Free Of All Desire
05. The Lights Will All Go Out
06. The Shackles I Wore
07. In The Forest Hides A Light
08. The Devil's Friends Hide In The Dark
09. Step Into The Garden
10. Their Thrones Become Electric Chairs
11. They Won't Get Past The Gate
12. When The Morning Light Shines In
13. Come Wisdom And Come Fire
14. In Holy Water There Can Be No Tears
15. His Soul Was Free From Sin
16. I Must Protect My Place
17. See And Wait
18. Can't Be Touched Or Be Seen
19. The Strong Don't Cry
20. Safe And Sound
21. My Soul Couldn't Laugh
22. They Can Never Smoke Us Out
23. The Time Has Come For Judgment
24. My Heart Never Loved
25. Bold And Brave
26. They Finally Meet Their Fate
27. As Long As We Can Fight
28. If The Nightime Lasts Forever
29. Take Heed Young Heathen
30. The Blessing Just Takes Minutes
31. A New One Begins

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